Responsibility in Graphic Design

The Design Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice cordially invites all design teachers, researchers, students, alumni and professionals to participate in the 2nd International Design Conference under the heading “Responsibility in Graphic Design”, to be held on the 14–15th of January 2010 in Katowice at the Roundabout Art Gallery.


Opening lecture 14.01.2010 by Krzysztof Lenk (Poland/USA; RISD, Providence); Lectures 14–15.01.2010 by (inter alia): Filip Blažek (Czech Republic, Praha Typo Magazine), Jonathan Barnbrook (UK, London, Virus Studio), Lex Drewinski (Poland/Germany), Marjatta Itkonen (Finland; TAIK, Helsinki), Karel van der Waarde (The Netherlands, Akademia AKV/St. Joost Breda), Design Faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice (Tomasz Bierkowski, Roman Kalarus, Justyna Kucharczyk, Justyna Lauer); Workshops 11–13.01.2010 (Krzysztof Lenk, Yadzia Williams, Roksana Jędrzejewska, Kasia Bąk); presentations of new tools by Apple Macintosh, Adobe, Wacom, Sony; around 20 lectures from international speakers over two days on contemporary graphic design; Opening reception of the exhibition (13.01.2010) of student works awarded in ‶Agrafa 2009” International students’ Graphic Design Biennial.

Goals and objectives

The focus of this conference is on the notion of responsibility with relation to graphic design professionals and teachers, responsible attitudes in its practice, and the necessary changes in the scope and methods of teaching the subject. The conference is intended as a means of bringing together an international group of academics, students, and professionals. We invite everyone who is interested in shaping civic attitudes and teaching responsible design to take part in the lectures and discussions. The main objective of the conference is to direct the attention of participants to their own work strategies, curricula and teaching methodology, as well as research and projects characterising the current, socially responsible graphic design.

More information and registration form could be found at conference.aspkat.edu.pl/2009

3. 12. 2009 Filip Blažek
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Filip Blažek

Co-founder of TYPO magazine, graphic designer, owner of Designiq studio, teacher, co-author of Practical Typography.

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