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Slanted issue # 17 – Cartoon / Comic

Náhled: Slanted issue # 17 – Cartoon / Comic

Comics consist of a sequence of images (strip) that tell a story. In cartoons, the narrative point is condensed into one image. The Slanted issue # 17 – Cartoon / Comic is packed cover to cover full of naratives and typographic explosion!

30. 4. 2012 editors 0


Slanted Magazine #15 – Experimental

Náhled: Slanted Magazine #15 – Experimental

Slanted #15 – Experimental deals with experimental design strategies in typography and graphic design. This issue presents projects incorporating the accident into the design process, works based on mistakes and inaccuracy, fonts that derive from a concept or a system – in the end work that experiments or goes unconventional ways in design.

5. 9. 2011 editors 0