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Type Specimen for iPad

Type Specimen by Suitcase Type Foundry is the first font viewer for iPad, revolutionizing the way digital fonts are presented today. It’s an ideal tool for people who need to select fonts for projects — be it magazine design, corporate identity design, web applications, or book typesetting.

A new generation of type specimens

Type Specimen is a quick and easy way to navigate the type foundry, containing over two hundred original font styles. Type Specimen allows you to categorize individual fonts, make comparisons, or see details of specific glyphs. All of this for free of course.


The Home page shows a slideshow of some of the latest fonts in their typical use and allows quick access to the pages of individual fonts, where you can see instructional examples and a brief characteristic of the fonts. The lightbulb icon in the toolbar allows you to quickly navigate to the Welcome page at any stage of the program, and is also a simple way of bringing up the Navigation Bar and the Help section.


Each font has an example of its family typeface on its page, a listing of all available styles, a magnifiable preview of all available glyphs in the specific font set, and detailed written information about the origin of the typeface, technical details, or its OpenType features. The Back button will transport you to the previous section. The star icon in the toolbar allows you to mark fonts as favourites. You’ll then see them highlighted in the Fonts drop-down menu each time you run the appplication.


You can sort all font styles into predetermined classification groups or according to defined shape characteristics through a simple search interface. Full-text searching in the names and styles is available. Clicking on the font style will take you to the font’s home page.


Combine is a revolutionary way of finding appropriate combinations of fonts without having to install a single font into your computer. Select Headline, Subhead or Text in the drop-down menu, choose the typeface you like and move the fields around to find suitable combinations, or browse through a number of preset combinations. Or let yourself be surprised with a random combination using the Shuffle button.


All important information about fonts, language support and compatible applications in one place. The section also contains information about OpenType features, which are standard among our fonts and which let you take advantage of the full potential of current typography.


A single button in the Navigation bar lets you bring up the Help section from any page in the application, letting you see all supported gestures and means of using the application. This way you’ll never miss an important feature of the application.

Visit http://www.suitcasetype.com/app for download link.

24. 2. 2011 Filip Blažek
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