About the Magazine

TYPO is a magazine devoted to typography, graphic design and visual communication. It is aimed at professionals as well as beginning typographers, font designers, graphic designers, educators and marketing and visual communication specialists.

It regularly brings information about major events in the world of graphic design, features articles on information graphics, presents the work of young typographers and designers and publishes interviews with important figures in the field. There are reviews of new fonts, and news from important typography conferences. The magazine works with authors and theoreticians from several different countries; so far it has published articles written by Rick Poynor, Jan Middendorp, Peter Biľak, Kevin Larson, Albert-Jan Pool and Adam Twardoch.

As we view typography and graphic design as an inseparable part of culture, we also take a look at areas that apparently are not associated with typography: architecture, urban design, photography, philosophy, sociology, psychology, physiology, politics, religion…

TYPO is open to all your ideas, topics for discussion or direct proposals to collaborate. We hope the magazine will become an open channel of communication for all those interested in the field.

TYPO has between 64 and 96 pages, is published quarterly, and is printed in full colour on high-quality 230×280 mm paper. Articles are published in Czech and English.

The history of TYPO

The idea to publish a magazine for typographers and designers was formed in 2002. The publisher considered purchasing Typografia, a magazine that has been published in Prague since 1888; talks fell apart, though, so the publisher decided to go forward with its own magazine. The publisher contacted Filip Blažek, who invited Pavel Kočička, Jakub Krč and Pavel Zelenka to join the team and to this day remain the magazine’s editorial board; and Linda Kudrnovská, who later became the Editor-in-Chief. Since winning the competition for the best magazine design, Jana Vahalíková has designed and laid out TYPO.

Up until 2007 TYPO was published as a bi-monthly in a 250×310 mm format. Since the spring issue no. 31 in 2008, the magazine has been published as a quarterly in colour on two types of paper.

Issue structure – sections

The section Typo.Phenomenon is devoted to important events and trends in contemporary graphic design. Typo.Theme focused on a wide variety of subjects from the past and present of typography and graphic design. Specific projects are addressed in the section Typo.Project. Space for stimulating and original articles is provided in the sections Typo.Essay and Typo.Opinion. In the section Typo.Interview, the magazine features interviews with people who are making an important impact on the field. Typo.Education is devoted to questions regarding education and training. The section Typo.Action is focused on reviews and news from conferences, seminars and workshops, while reviews of fonts are offered in the section entitled Typo.Fonts. Typo also sometimes features a focus on computer programmes in the section Typo.Tools. Photos of local typography from throughout the world is offered in the occasional section Typo.Photo. Each issue ends with a number of short announcements under the subtitle Typo.Bazaar.

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