Dynamic graphic design and kinetic typography

The next edition of The International Typography Workshops is devoted to dynamic graphic design and kinetic typography, associated most of all with the on-screen edition and electronic media. Two-weeks classes (in English) are conducted by Dan Boyarski from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh and Jan Kubasiewicz – MASS ART, in Boston (USA).

The workshops are accompanied by the open lectures and an exhibition of MASS ART and Carnegie Mellon students’ works made under Jan Kubasiewicz and Dan Boyarski’s direction.


  • 14th–18th June – Dynamic graphic design – workshops by Jan Kubasiewicz,
  • 21th–25th June – Kinetic typography – workshops by Dan Boyarski,
  • 19th June – open lectures by Jan Kubasiewicz and Dan Boyarski,
  • 19th June–4thJuly – the exhibition of Jan Kubasiewicz and Dan Boyarski’s students’ works in the city public space and in the Gallery of Silesian Castle of Art and Enterprise.

Classes are focused on motion text in the dynamic graphics projects. Dynamic graphics is associated with contemporary forms of on-screen, television, cinema and interactive edition, which bring about many possibilities of using the kinetic typography in the context of motion pictures and sound. Dynamic typography is applicable to TV credits, as well as movie and information panels programmed for interactive use. It is applied in dynamic diagrams and scientific publications, on-screen edition of statistics and geographic data. Additionally, one can use it in displays, in information panels and dynamic signage systems.

A wide dynamic graphics usability makes it one of the most important means of visual communication in the 21st century.

The first week – the part of workshops led by Jan Kubasiewicz is focused on exploration of motion literacy—the act of understanding of how the “language” of moving image, typography and sound can be used to communicate effectively. The participants will investigate cinematic vocabulary and time-based narrative structures in the context of communication design.

The second week – the part led by Dan Boyarski is focused on visualizing the spoken word in the context of a timebased presentation (movie). The emphasis will be on visual interpretation of how spoken words perform with kinetic typography, therefore temporal aspects of stage or dance performances will guide the discussions and explorations.

The workshops are dedicated to participants who are familiar with Adobe After Effects program. They will have multi-lane character, offering the series of tasks, lectures and analyses of individual cases, starting from very short exercises and leading to the complete project creation. These workshops are not meant to teach software, so all participants are expected to be proficient with the software listed below. An open mind, attitude of exploration, and willingness to work hard are encouraged. The final will be a projection in the city public space.

Information about the leaders and examples of their students’ works you can find on following web pages:

Registration and detailed information:
Anna Górska,
phone: +4833 851 08 21 ext. 24
e-mail: agorska@zamekcieszyn.pl

Cost of participation in workshops:
2 weeks: 2000 PLN
1 week: 1500 PLN

We also have 10% discounts for people who participated in previous editions of The International Typographic Workshops, Czech Graphic Design Union members and participants of the AKT courses.


Please send the registration form
via e-mail: agorska@zamekcieszyn.pl
or via fax: +4833 851 08 21 ext.16
till 31st of May 2010.

6. 4. 2010 Filip Blažek
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Oh this looks like a nice workshop. How did it go?

Ryan Cole askdesigners.eu
1. 10. 2010, 17:52

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