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Responsibility in Graphic Design

Náhled: Responsibility in Graphic Design

The Design Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice cordially invites all design teachers, researchers, students, alumni and professionals to participate in the 2nd International Design Conference under the heading “Responsibility in Graphic Design”, to be held on the 14–15th of January 2010 in Katowice at the Roundabout Art Gallery.

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Posters of the 1989 Velvet Revolution

Náhled: Posters of the 1989 Velvet Revolution

The brand new publication Posters of the 1989 Velvet Revolution contains reproductions of 47 posters from November and December 1989, and the stories surrounding the creation of the posters are captured in interviews with 13 poster creators. The book has 144 colour pages, measures 21×21 cm and is published in Czech and English.

23. 11. 2009 Filip Blažek 5



ATypI Conference – Day Three

Náhled: ATypI Conference – Day Three

I found the fact the conference only had single-track lectures very comfortable. No dilemma whom to prefer. I was also pretty satisfied with the idea od 20-minute lectures, it led to a speakers’ briefness. During the third (and last) day I presented my collection of posters from the 1989 Velvet revolution.

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ATypI Conference – Day Two

Náhled: ATypI Conference – Day Two

The weather in Mexico City is pretty monotonous: there is a rain at least once a day. ATypI conference continued with a load of lectures. One of the most successful presentations was a story of the letter ñ by José Scaglione & Andreu Balius (published in TYPO #32). And what else?

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ATypI conference – Day One

Náhled: ATypI conference – Day One

The international typography conference ATypI started in Mexico City. The lectures are held in a courtyard of a 18th Century building. Speakers are in the middle of the audience surrounded by 16 screens hanging in the stone porticos. So, what was the first day about?

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Typo 37 is here!

Náhled: Typo 37 is here!

14 October 2009 is an important milestone for TYPO Magazine. Not only we published the 37th issue of the magazine, but we also launched a brand new website with many great fetaures. Don’t forget to follow TYPO Twitter channel typo_en.

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Type Design

K’09 – Contemporary Cyrillics

Náhled: K’09 – Contemporary Cyrillics

The ParaType type foundry from Russia celebrated the three-hundred-year anniversary of the type reform by Peter the Great by organising an international modern Cyrillic competition entitled K’09. From 234 submitted typefaces from 13 countries, the jury selected 23 projects that received awards. Six further prizes were awarded by the ParaType type foundry.

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Dois Tempos

Náhled: Dois Tempos

There’s a time for every season, it’ll be done in a minute… The topic of time never ceases to fascinate us, and the same goes for the designers from the R2 studio in Portugal. They created a space installation entitled Dois tempos (Two Times).

2. 10. 2009 Filip Blažek 1



TYPO has a new website

Náhled: TYPO has a new website

It is our pleasure to announce that we have finally launched the new website! A project long in the works, we have merged the typography portal Typo.cz and the TYPO magazine website.

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Subscribing to Typo finally works smoothly

Náhled: Subscribing to Typo finally works smoothly

We do recognise that TYPO subscriptions and sales have not been working as smoothly as imagined. Your complaints regarding problems with ordering the magazine have been perfectly justified, and have led us to completely overhaul the subscription system.

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