5th Type Design Competition for non-Latin typefaces

Until the 21st of May 2012 entries can be submitted for the 5th International Type Design Competition for non-Latin typefaces which is under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia and the tgm – Typographische Gesellschaft München (Typographic Society Munich).

Additionally to the categories Armenian, Cyrillic and Greek text typefaces, this year for the first time entries can also be submitted in the new categories Indian and Arabic text typefaces. Further information can be found here: www.granshan.org


Due to the 500th anniversary of the first printed Armenian book this year, the committee of GRANSHAN 2012 has decided to accept Latin text typeface entries as well. Thereby the organizers want to express the diverse connections of the Armenian book production and typeface design: the first Armenian book was printed in Venice in 1512. With it Armenia was one of the first countries which used the revolutionary technology of Gutenberg. To enable the participation of as many type designers and typefoundries as possible it is also allowed to enter all the typefaces created in the last 10 years.

The 2008 initiated competition GRANSHAN expresses the importance of type as an integral part of cultural identity and also enhances the importance of other often less noticed script systems in the face of globalization. Since 2010 the competition is held in cooperation with the tgm.

From the 14th to the 16th of June the winners of the competition will be chosen during a conference for non-Latin alphabet systems in Jerevan, this year’s World Book Capital. The awarded works of GRANSHAN will be displayed at exhibitions in various cities such as Jerevan, Munich or Hong Kong.


The Typographische Gesellschaft Muenchen e.V. (tgm; Typographic Society Munich) was founded in 1890 by type setters and printers. Today the Typographic Society Munich is the largest organisation for typographers or in typography interested people in Europe. tgm establishes a basis for sophisticated and interdisciplinary thinking and dialogues among content and form, text and photo, tradition and innovation, among design and technology. Every offer under the roof of tgm is a result of solidarity. It is a result of people and companies who are united by the common interest in typographic quality.


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