By Design conference in Bratislava

How good design can change anything for better is a motto of a design conference By Design held in Bratislava, Slovakia, on Sunday 18 May 2014.

Speakers include Stefan Sagmeister, Erwin Bauer, Irene Pereyra & Anton Repponen, Method, Jacek Utko or Snask.

By Design Conference will be held in Bratislava, Slovakia. Visitors can enjoy the unique atmosphere of one of the oldest and most beautiful theaters in Bratislava and also the city which has so much to offer.



What the organizers say about the event?

We’ll show you more than just a nice package and stylish typography. We’ll show you that there’s more going on in design than just colors and Mickey Mouse. We won’t be just showing slides, we’ll be talking about what matters in design. We’ll talk about functionality, real solutions and problems that preceded them.

Our speakers will lead you through real case studies that changed their projects for the better. You’ll see real problems that were solved thanks to design and design thinking. You’ll see that design can make money. Save money. Kick off things and affect anything.

Check conference website for information about fees, location and program.

11. 5. 2014 editors
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