What’s New Archive 2013

OpenBrand for free (until Jan 1)

For a limited time only, there is a discount code available, giving you a free lifetime OpenBrand membership!

Trend Generator

Generate trendy posters on the fly, share them or save them in print quality! iPad and iPhone app developed by Czech graphic designers.

26th Brno Biennial

All works created in a school context between 1.1.2010 and 31.12.2013 are eligible for the International Exhibition. Deadline 31.1.2014.

Capital Sharp S designs

The good, the bad and the ugly. Ralf Hermann features samples of well designed German letters Capital Sharp S (ẞ).

The Great Indoors Winners

A biennial competition, The Great Indoors Award 2013 celebrates the best interiors from around the world.

Best Brand Awards

International logo design competition is now open for submissions. Entry 10 or more logos and get a special price.

Best Graduation Projects

Call for submission: Central European Graduation Projects Review 2012–2013. Submit your graduation project now.

Works That Work No. 2

WTW magazine documents that design is not the exclusive domain of artists or designers, but something that surrounds us in our daily lives.

Geometric Pattern Book

Do you love pattern? Do you love colour? Do you love beautiful books? Then this Kickstarter project by Kapitza is for you!

Cloud.typography by H&FJ

Cloud.typography by Hefler & Frere-Jones type foundry brings one of the world’s most sophisticated font libraries to the web.

Briefcase type foundry

A new blog by upcoming type foundry Briefcase. It will be offering original Czech productions by authors, who may not wish to set up their own type foundry.

European Student of the Year

Sigga Rún’s final project at Iceland Academy of the Arts, Anatomy of Letters won the series European Student of the Year at ADC*E.

Typeface Design Competition

Canberra Centenary Typeface Design Competition. Show Your Face in Canberra: you could win AUD $10,000.

Graphic Pioneers

A blog by Emilio Gil dedicated to the work of the pioneers of Spanish graphic design.

2+3D Magazine now for iPad

This publication is devoted to design in Central Europe. It features texts on both graphic and product design. Download now for free.

Google Fonts on your desktop

Desktop versions of Google Fonts are installed to your machine via SkyFonts. Just click your favorite fonts and they will be automatically synced.


Organizers of the POST IT AWARDS 2013 announced the submission deadline was extended to 12 May 2013.

Slanted Magazine #21: CUBA

New issue of Slanted illuminates contemporary design, photography, illustration and typography from Cuba with a special focus on poster art.

ATypI: Call for proposals

ATypI invites proposals for presentations, debates, and workshops for its 2013 conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from 9-13 October 2013.

Geometry Daily

“Every day I do a new geometric minimal composition. I love geometry. Lines, curves, rectangles, circles, triangle…”

Numbers for every day

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 … 100

Photolettering app

Create, edit and share images using fonts from world-renowned type foundry House Industries. iOS only.

Typographica's Favorite Typefaces

The annual overview of the most interesting typefaces released in 2012. 54 detailed reviews of new font families.

ATypI 2013 announced

ATypI 2013 Amsterdam will examine the conflicts, challenges and synergies our profession faces in current era of fundamental changes and shifts.

ED Awards – two days to go

Only two days left! We would like to remind you the deadline of the European Design Awards. Don't forget to submit your great works.

:output awards 2013

the :output awards is open to students in design and architecture. Submit your works until March 15, 2013.

Landmark, new font by H&FJ

The signature alphabet of one of New York’s most significant buildings becomes a family of clear and colorful display fonts.


A browser-based app for creating beautiful, realistic and consistent designs based on typography. From $29/month.

Cuban Poster Art

The special issue of Slanted Magazine will be focused on Cuban posters. You can still support the project.

Compulsive Bodoni

Designers Riccardo Olocco and Jonathan Pierini are going to publish the extended family of fonts inspired by punchcutter Giambattista Bodoni.

Concord fonts 75 % off

Get the font of the week Concord at MyFonts.com with 75% discount now. Concord is a geometric sans serif by Aakash Soneri.

Wood letters Helvetica

Mr Cup’s Helvetica collections, one in Suar wood, and the second one is in colors, made on recycled teak wood...

OKOLO Liguria Magazine

The forth issue of annual OKOLO magazine explores hidden architecture, design and culture gems of Italian Liguria coastline.

Munken Works Scholarship 2013

From January 1st, artists and creatives interested in the scholarship may submit their applications. The deadline is 15 March 2013.

European Design Awards

The European Design Awards is the comprehensive annual awards organization celebrating the best of graphic design in Europe. Deadline 28 February!