Calendar Archive 2011

New Vintage Digital Vernacular Letters

1. 2. 201231. 3. 2012

Nearly 600 photographs from over a hundred type lovers from over 40 countries. Mota Italic, Schliemannstraße 34, 10437 Berlin, Germany.

Design Festa

12. 11. 201113. 11. 2011

Design Festa is a biannual international art event, at which everyone can exhibit as long as its original. Tokyo Big Sight.

Blacklecker: tasty fraktur

5. 11. 201122. 12. 2011

The installation features 22 unique, modern typefaces that interpret the blackletter style in new and exciting ways. Mota Italic gallery, Berlin.


17. 11. 201131. 12. 2011

The exhibition reports on the vitality and diversity of a new French-speaking type scene, by documenting 40 projects from 40 designers.

Isidro Ferrer, Instituto Cervantes

3. 11. 2011

Spanish designer Isidro Ferrer will have a lecture in Prague. In Spanish language with Czech translation, starts at 19.00.

Jan Kubasiewicz workshop

9. 1. 201211. 1. 2012

The cost for participants is 300 PLN per all three days. Dedicated mostly to academic teachers. Class will be lead in English.

Typography Day 2012

1. 3. 20123. 3. 2012

Typography Day will be organized at the Industrial Design Centre (IDC) at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay).

Making Faces in Prague

5. 9. 2011

A fascinating design documentary by Richard Kegler (he is coming for discussion after the movie)! Bio Oko, Prague.

Graphic Design in Poland

25. 8. 201111. 9. 2011

Design for Freedom – Freedom in design – Graphic Design in Poland 1981–2011, an exhibition in Berlin organized by STGU.

Design Conference in Katowice

12. 1. 201213. 1. 2012

This conference is entitled Research in graphic design – Graphic design in research and it will take place 12-13 January, 2012.

Contemporary Design in Slovenia

22. 9. 201125. 9. 2011

The Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) presents the exhibition SILENT REVOLUTIONS, a selection of design that marks the first two decades of Slovenia.

Istanbul Type Seminars

11. 9. 201114. 9. 2011

Lectures and practical workshops meant to set structured approaches to typographic education and theory by embracing history, calligraphy…

TYPO London 2011

20. 10. 201122. 10. 2011

Upcoming conference TYPO London 2011 explores the theme “Places”, with a significant list of international speakers.

Letni kurs typografii książki 5×8

27. 6. 20111. 7. 2011

A book design workshop by Polish typographer Robert Oleś in Kraków, Poland. 5 days, 8 hours a day.

Exhibition of Martin Majoor's works

25. 5. 201124. 6. 2011

Exhibition has been opened on 25th May as a part of International Poster and Typography Festival PLASTER in Toruń, Poland.

AGI Open 2011 – Barcelona

3. 10. 20114. 10. 2011

During two days of conferences and dialog, you will learn from and get inspired by some of the most influential designers working in the world today.

European Design Awards ceremony

14. 5. 2011

European Design will organize the ED Awards ceremony on May 14th, a party and several Design Walks on the 13th and 14th of May.

Hi – Visuelle Gestaltung

13. 5. 2011

The fourth show at Vienna's Typopassage: The unconventional works from Luzern, Switzerland. Opening May 13 at 7 pm.

Ed Fella Documents

21. 5. 20115. 6. 2011

This retrospective will be the first monographic exhibition in Europe fully devoted to Edward Fella’s work. It will also travel to Marseille in 2011.

TypeTalks2 in Poznań

18. 6. 201119. 6. 2011

The two-days symposium will take place this year at the University of Arts in Poznań. The theme of our conferences is type and typography.

Design Festival of Chaumont

21. 5. 20115. 6. 2011

22nd International Poster and Graphic Design Festival, organized every year in Chaumont, France.

David Tartakover in Prague

13. 4. 2011

An Israeli graphic designer, political activist, artist and design educator will present his work in Instituto Cervantes, Prague.

Design for cities and regions

8. 4. 2011

Conference “Design as a new tool for the development of Polish cities and regions”. Cieszyn Castle, Poland.

Conference on Semiotics and Visual Communication

25. 11. 201127. 11. 2011

1st International Conference on Semiotics and Visual Communication themed “from theory to practice”, Lemesos, Cyprus.

Fons Hickmann in Prague

31. 3. 2011

A lecture by German designer Fons Hickmann. Goethe-Institut Prague, 19.00. In German language with Czech translation. Free entry.

Rietveld in Prague

21. 3. 201123. 3. 2011

Students of Graphic design department at Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam, NL) present process and results of their work. Tranzitdisplay, Prague.

Eben Sorkin's Workshop

25. 3. 201127. 3. 2011

Eben Sorkin will lead workshop "Typography for children's modern publications" in the Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice.

RodchenkoFest 2011

30. 1. 2011www.rodchenkofest.com

A first Week of the Russian Design RodchenkoFest is organized at Charles University, Prague. Exhibitions, lectures, presentations…

:output award for students

18. 2. 2011

:output is the biggest international competition for students in design and architecture. Grand Prix €3,000, deadline February 18.