Year 2012

50 – winter 2012

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One issue, two milestones: Typo is celebrating its 10th anniversary and the release of issue #50! Read our most influential authors' opinions about the future of graphic design, a review of the ATypI and TYPO London conferences and an interview with Andy Altmann about the Comedy Carpet project.

49 – autumn 2012

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The Autumn issue (no. 49) puts the spotlight on India. Learn about the huge diversity of Indian scripts, independent book design and the disappearing world of traditional sign painting.

48 – summer 2012

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In #48 you'll find an overview of this year’s European Design Awards, interview with Israeli designer Oded Ezer or Yves Peters’ summary of the over 500-year evolution of scripts in movable type.

47 – spring 2012

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In the spring issue no. 47 you'll find an overview of last year's winning graduate projects from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, John D. Berry's review of Carter Sans and instructions for creating smart fonts. You'll also learn about new findings in the field of typographical research.