Typo 43 – spring 2011

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Typo 43 showcases the best graduate projects created by graphic and product design students in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, and offers the results of a poll of well-known instructors about the state of graphic design education.

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Graduation projects Central European review of design
The winners of the Graduation Projects — Central European Review of Design competition held by 2+3D (Poland), Typo (Czech Republic) and Designum (Slovakia)


Design education
Well-known international design instructors answer our poll about job opportunities for design graduates, the differences between academic theory and real-world practice, specialisation vs general education, and their own motivations to teach design


Notes from the archive: Twists of fate and the fame of Nicolaes Briot
Feike de Jong
An attempt at reconstructing the portrait of Nicolaes Briot, a forgotten punch cutter of the Dutch Golden Age


Electronic reading: The future is now
Martin Pecina
Contemplations on the current state of e-books and reading from the screen, with an emphasis on typographic quality—or the lack thereof


TypeTogether workshop: Tailored typeface design
Veronika Burian & José Scaglione
Information on a week-long customised font design workshop held by TypeTogether in Cieszyn, Poland