Typo 35 – spring 2009



Infographics—Myth and Meaning
Jan Middendorp
An overview of the evolution of infographics since 1982 up to the significant figures and prints of today. A subjective look at an area of design, which used to be peripheral but which may soon become one of the key tools of global communication.


Flaminia—Type System for Road Signs
Andrea Bergamini
Presentation of a project focusing on type systems for road signs shows that typography must be tested in real-life environment.


Karel Dyrynk
Filip Blažek
The legacy of an important figure of Czech typography and type design of the first half of the 20th century.


Karel Dyrynk—Through the Eyes of Martin Dyrynk
Martin Dyrynk
A set of essays presents Karel Dyryk, book printer and typographer, editor, teacher and writer.


Ausfahrt—Or Which Way Out from the Traffic Sign Jungle
Filip Blažek
Thoughts on the development of road signs in time and the future possibilites.


Frogs Ahead!
with Albert-Jan Pool
An interview dedicated to the problems of road signs: the tradition, the national specifics, globalization, and the future outlook.


MATD 2008
David Březina
Presentation of works by eleven students of type design at the Reading University shows eleven different approaches to contemporary type design.