Typo 31 – spring 2008


spring.2008 .31


The Hangul alphabet of Korea
Jae-Joon Han
Historic overview of the evolution of Hangul, the Korean alphabet. The text captures a long era since the 15th century, when the alphabet was created by king Sejong the Great, up until the 21st century, including the troubles of Hangul digitalisation and its various styles.


Design principles of Hangul
Iksop Lee and S. Robert Ramsey
Introduction into Korean phonology is dedicated to the evolution of the 28 basic letters of Hangul and the relation between pronunciation and letter construction.


Creating CJK Latin
Seonil Yun
An analysis of a research into the design of Latin scripts combined with CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) type, with focus on the Honmun typeface.


The Future of Korean Calligraphy
Gyeong Koh
The main topics of World Biennale in Calligraphy in Jeollabuk-do and joint exhibits were both self-reflection and calligraphy created with a variety of techniques, from pen and brush to keyboard and digital tools.


Resist and Act on Imagination
Tae-Hyun Kim
The history of Korean resistance against the state control of visual arts, and the works of the AGI (Activism of Graphic Imagination) group.


Sulki & Min: The Hidden System behind Typography
Kay Jun
An interview with designer duo touches upon Korean and Dutch design, Eastern view of Western typography, and the educational and publishing activities of the couple.


Arno Pro
Martin Pecina
David Březina
Detailed review of two ambitious text faces by Robert Slimbach and Peter Biľak: book face Arno and newspaper face Greta.